Original Zinn: Indoctrinating Our Children on the Evils of Racist, Capitalist America

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Politics, Uncategorized
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Bad America! Long Live Marxist Socialism!

Radical far-Leftist Howard Zinn, first-among-equals among the ‘Blame America’ academic crowd, is at it again — this time with the help of Hollywood and The History Channel. The controversial professor is author of the popular A People’s History of the United States — a darkly revisionist work if ever there was one — and its follow-up Voices of A People’s History Of The United States. Up until now, his anti-America works were pretty much limited to colleges & universities. But, now Zinn has teamed up with some left-wing actors and producers (and a host of active socialists on his Teacher Advisory Board) for some new projects whose chief aim is to indoctrinate pre-K thru high school students into his factually-challenged, pessimistic version of American history.

Patrick Courrielche reports here at BigHollywood….

For more details, read Michelle Malkin’s article at TownHall.

This post may not seem at first like it fits with the 3 main topics that this blog is about. But, when you think about it, the cultural impact of this sort of anti-America garbage that our kids and young adults are being fed constantly really does have serious political repercussions. We are hearing it in some of Obama’s rhetoric and from some of the ‘czars’ and other appointees in the administration. I hate to think what will happen if such thinking continues to spread and our nation really is taken over from within by Zinn’s “America is Evil”, neo-Marxist acolytes. Keep your eyes and ears open for this stuff in your kids’ schools and raise heck if ya find it!

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