Meet Jason “J.T.” Ready.

He and his crew are out there week after week, faithfully patrolling the Arizona/Mexico border (on public land) about 50 miles south of Phoenix. Like many frustrated citizens, they got tired of waiting for the government to take (effective) action, so they took it upon themselves to go out looking for “narco-terrorists” and illegal immigrants. They cooperate with law enforcement and report or turn over anyone they find.

Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready

Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready

There are several Minutemen, militia-type groups and other volunteers that are performing similar services, too. Everything from neighborhood watches to aerial fly-bys to scouts & search-and-rescue teams. As long as they don’t go all “vigilante” on any violators they come across, the Arizona LEOs tend to leave them to it. Given the problems Arizona has with illegals and drug-smuggling, you would think every helping hand would be appreciated.

The problem is, Ready and his group are not only well-armed, but they identify themselves with the National Socialist Movement (NSM). Yep. Neo-Nazis. (Though, for some reason, they don’t like that term.) One of their central tenets is that only (non-Jewish) white heterosexuals should be American citizens; everyone else should get out or be thrown out.

That’s enough to make local law enforcement… uncomfortable. (And I don’t blame them.) According to reporting by Michelle Price (AP),

Law enforcement officials said patrols such as Ready’s could undercut the work of the thousands of officers on duty every day along the border, especially if the patrols try to carry out vigilante justice.” [But,] “Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said there haven’t been any incidents with the group as it patrols in his jurisdiction, which includes several busy immigrant smuggling corridors.”

Sheriff Babeu is still concerned about any “untrained” civilians causing “extreme problems” and putting themselves and others in danger.

I’m not inviting them. And in fact, I’d rather they not come. Especially those who espouse hatred or bigotry such as his.”

Personally, I have three main concerns, which seem to echo those of Babeu. First is that none of these militia or other volunteer groups use inappropriate methods or abuse anyone they find. So far, it sounds like that has not been a problem. Second is that the groups in question are both well-trained and well-disciplined with any weapons and gear that they use. That includes not being careless or trigger-happy. Third, I would hope that any civilian patrols coordinate logistically with law enforcement, in order to avoid duplication of effort/coverage and make best use of manpower. (Person-power?)

Bureau of Land Management rangers met Ready’s group during one patrol, and they weren’t violating any laws or looking for a confrontation, said spokesman Dennis Godfrey.”

Look, racism is an ugly and disgusting thing. But, like it or not, even racists can be useful. Productive. While true racism is by far the exception these days, such people obviously do still exist. And, like it or not, they can still perform services that benefit the “greater good” — even including for those whom they probably think are inferior or undeserving. There are racist individuals in the armed forces, for example, but they still fight and die for the benefit of all.

J.T. Ready is an ex-marine — don’t know about the rest of his group — who is performing a worthwhile function that benefits whites and non-whites alike, regardless of his reasons and personal beliefs. I might not want to associate or work with him, but I’m glad he and his buddies are out there patrolling the Arizona border. It’s their country, too, so let them help protect it. The police and Border Patrol can use all the help they can get.

Ironically, Ready and those of his ilk may be the only “socialists” in the country that actually think illegal immigration is a serious problem that needs to be stopped.

  1. Jay Moore says:

    I agree someone needs to be out there and militias do have uses but it pains me to think about the fuel they are giving the left by their affiliations.

    I do love the last sentence in your post.

  2. Auleen says:

    Thanks for the overview of this subject. Very interesting and a new way of thinking about people with whom I totally disagree with on most issues!

  3. Steve Dennis says:

    My first thought when I haerd about this was, I hope that he doesn’t do anything stupid becuase he will be portrayed as a mainstream element of the Tea Part. After all they have already called Tea Party sctivists nazi’s, they would love to pin something this man does on the Tea Party.
    Having said that, you are right, as long as this man is not breaking the law he should be allowed to do what many of other Americans have also decided to do– protect our border. We man not agree with him on most issues, but on this issue he is right on.

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