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Usually at this time of year, the “attacks” center on Easter Sunday, or, more appropriately, Resurrection Day. This time, however, Good Friday got some extra attention.

Isaiah 53 passage

Isaiah 53 -- "by His wounds we are healed"

The memo went out to municipal employees last week from Craig Malin, City Administrator for the town of Davenport, Iowa. From now on, Good Friday was “history”. In its place was the more ecumenical and politically correct “Spring Holiday”, or “Celebration of Spring”.

Acting on the advice (from last summer!) of the Davenport Civil Rights Commission, Malin unilaterally made the decision. Not surprisingly, the reasoning had to do with “separation of church and state” claims and sensitivity within an ethnically and religiously diverse community. (Apparently, the commission had also considered and dismissed the idea of renaming Easter Sunday, because it fell on a weekend, when government offices were already closed. Christmas, too, was a no-go.) The first problem, though, was that such policy changes must be voted on by the City Council, and they didn’t even know about it until they read it in the Quad City Times.

News of the memo spread through town like wildfire and was the topic on everyone’s minds and lips by Palm Sunday. Resistance to the name change came from two fronts. First, of course, was the religious objection from those who thought it was an attack on Christianity — typical in the culture wars these days — and that the “separation” talk was bogus. The second objection came from city employees (including police), who thought it might violate their union contract, which stipulates Good Friday (not “Spring Holiday”) as an official municipal holiday. Mayor Bill Gluba said, “I understand why people were so upset. My position is we have a lot more important issues. We’ll fix this and move on.”

And “move on”, they did. On Monday, the city issued a press release stating that:

City Administrator Malin, in error, forwarded the recommendation to staff for further review and action, leading to release of a holiday notice with the holiday named ‘Spring Holiday,’ rather than ‘Good Friday’.”

So, either someone in City Hall zealously jumped the gun on this one, or they’re trying to help Malin save face for some reason, or both. Maybe just trying to keep the peace?

Ah, well. Bottom line is that the council voted and this stupid, PC name-change of a 2000 year-old holiday has been reversed. Things in Davenport, Iowa, are as they should be. (As far as I know.) For now….

Yeah, I said “Black”. Got a problem with that?

I know some people may be offended by that term, but then others say they prefer to be called “Black”, precisely because it’s more encompassing than “African-American” (e.g., it includes Haitians, Dominicans, Jamaicans, Barbadans, some Cubans & Brazilians, etc.). And, the mere fact that I felt I had to explain myself is just one symptom of the problem.

Broadly speaking, the problem is “political correctness”. But, right now I’m focusing on the fact that a white person has to be SOOOO careful of what they say regarding people of color, their cultural distinctions, the socio-economic conditions of SOME (including being on welfare), etc., lest they be charged with being a racist bigot. You can’t even state statistical facts that have even somewhat negative implications, because it is assumed you are making judgments based on race. And don’t even get me started on the whole ‘Obama thing’….

OK, I’ll quit now before I get myself in more trouble. Instead, I invite you to watch this video by someone who can say what I can’t, though I’m sure he is called lots of insulting names by many on the social & political Left. (Yeah, I know the Harry Reid faux pas was weeks ago, but that’s just a starting point. He gets into more.)

"Celebrate Family. Celebrate Life."

Pro-Family ad by Focus on the Family

I got an email alert about this. Rather than try to restate or summarize, I’ll just quote from the email:

This Focus on the Family ad, believe it or not, has been yanked off the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) website for one simple reason: Focus on the Family supports natural marriage, believing that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

The NCAA, who apparently believes only in selective diversity – “Christians need not apply” – has censored this ad after homosexual activists complained.

Look at the message again. By scrubbing this ad, is the NCAA saying we want our sons to grow up knowing how to do the wrong thing? With the number of NCAA athletes who get in trouble with the law every week, you’d think the NCAA would enthusiastically support a message which urges fathers to be great role models for their sons and athletes-to-be.

Are NCAA officials saying that they celebrate divorce rather than intact families? That they celebrate death instead of life? That they don’t want fathers to be involved with their sons? What is remotely objectionable about the message in this ad?

NCAA officials even went so far as to say that even if the message was okay, they’d have to spike it because of the messenger.

In other words, the NCAA is telling America that it has no room in its view of diversity for voices of faith and family.”

Take Action

You can email the NCAA’s “Office of Diversity and Inclusion” to let them know that you oppose its lack of diversity and its exclusion of people of faith.