slinky man

Sliiiinky Maaaaan!

Thanks for joining us at the blog known as “A View from the Right”. My name is Chris Harris (aka Sirrahc, or “Slinky Man” (see avatar)), and I’ll be your host.

When I started thinking about doing this, I couldn’t really decide what to blog about, since I have many interests. Plus, I wanted to keep it interesting for myself and not overdo it on any one topic. So, I decided to mix it up a bit with three, separate but often interrelated subjects — Science, Politics, and Religion.

Just look at the headlines in the papers and on the web and you can see stories on Health Care Reform; Global Warming and Climate Change; Creation / Evolution / Design debates; religious “fundamentalists”; another book by one of the “New Atheists” or some other challenge to religion (especially theism) in general or Christianity in particular; scholarly discussions about worldviews, doctrines, & apologetics; new discoveries in archaeology, the fossil record, genetics, biochemistry, physics, cosmology, human origins (or, at least, hominids & primates), etc.

I love this stuff! So, whether you are only into one, or two, or all three of these subjects, I look forward to sharing and experiencing it all with you. And, if you never really had much interest in any of these, I urge you to stick around for awhile. Maybe you’ll catch the bug, too, and get passionate about a whole new area of interest and debate.

Now, I likely won’t be posting every day. But, even in a really busy week I’ll probably get in a post or two. It might be a short comment, possibly with a link to an article or other blog post. It might be a longer commentary, or even a series on a particular topic. A book review might show up once in awhile, or I may post a passage from a book that I found particularly notable. And sometimes I’ll survey you, my loyal readers & followers, to find out what topics you would like to read about. We’ll just play it by ear, OK?

Don’t forget to add us to your RSS feed subscriptions, so you’ll know when a new post is up!

  1. Matt Holzmann says:

    hiya. Liked the post on the sights. The fact that no self respecting Musselman might use the sights seems to have gone beyond most readers. They probably now Haram. Perhaps it’s a special feature.

    they are very good sights, by the way.

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